We know that selecting and installing a playground can be a challenge. Most organizations start off with more questions than answers. How much space do we need? What’s our playground’s focus? How do we want the playground to look? How will parents, constituents or board members react? How much money do we need, and how do we raise it? We find it’s usually best to approach the task of creating a new playground the same way you’d build a new physical skill – by taking things one step at a time.
What do you need?
Conduct a Site Assessment to analyze all of the details related to your playground including objectives, age of children space, budget, site requirements and compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines.
Playground Design
Work with a playground consultant to provide you with 2D and 3D drawings to help you visualize your creation. This enables you to select just the options, play structures and activities that best suit your preferences, so you can buy with confidence.
Playground Installation
Some organizations prefer to have us handle the entire installation, whereas others like to take a team approach to build enthusiasm and promote a sense of community. In either case, make sure you are working with certified playground installers to make sure your site is properly prepared and to ensure that your playground installation is done right and in compliance with industry safety guidelines.
To get the most out of your playground equipment, it’s important that your teachers, parents, caregivers and others know how to supervise children on the playground. That’s why we’re the only playground manufacturer to provide a comprehensive National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS) Supervision Kit absolutely FREE with every modular playground order.
If you have any questions or need additional service, we stick around long after your playground is in the ground and the kids have played on it. Call Play it Safe Playgrounds at 800-266-1250. You can rely on our entire team and our industry-leading warranties to stand the test of time.