The end of summer means cooler temperatures, shorter days, and of course back to school! While back to school conjures up images of backpacks and school supplies to our kids, it means fun with friends on the school playground! As responsible parents and supervisors it’s our job to make sure the area of play is safe and appropriate for the kids as they return.

One often-neglected aspect of protection is appropriate padding for the shade structures. As we know all too well, when our little ones are playing hard with their friends they do not always pay the closest attention to the direction they are headed. Unfortunately this can lead to a collision with the very equipment designed for their fun!

That is why it is important to provide adequate padding for all items that pose as a potential collision threat to our children. We offer an extensive line of post padding to utilize in “collision proofing” your playground! Check out how this padding helped to protect the area around this shade system at a Montessori Academy with some custom 4’ high, 2 inch thick, Velcro attached padding by Gared®!

Padding is utilized in many levels of play, from basketball to Playgrounds – Play It Safe Playgrounds has you covered! We know that play is essential and safe play is the only play we do it!

Below are some helpful links to other helpful playground safety checks!

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courtesy of PlayRx by GARED